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Cellagen is a leave-in treatment for hair loss or fine and thinning hair and specially developed for Women. It is weightless and residue free. It encourages hair growth by blocking DHT. and increasing blood circulation around the follicle.

This product will turn the skin red and will feel warm and tingly.

Directions for use: Apply to dry scalp and hair twice a day. Tilt head back and hold nozzle to the scalp and spray, gently massaging area of concern.

Use no more than 6 pumps around the scalp.

This can be used on towel dried/damp hair or dry hair twice a day, AM & PM. This will increase cell metabolism & stimulate new hair growth whilst maintaining a healthy scalp environment. You will experience a blushing and warming experience. This is a normal reaction. If hyper-sensitive, dilute product with distilled water.

This Product can be used by women starting chemotherapy and can be used before,  during and after. Hair loss will still occur, but using the system will help to flush the chemotherapy from the hair follicle and will optimise healthy growth.

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