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Pevonia Spa Teen Blemish-B-Gone Blemished Skin

Pevonia Spa Teen Blemish-B-Gone Blemished Skin

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Blemish-B-Gone is a powerhouse blend consisting of the latest proven effective exfoliants and anti-bacterial components to ensure the control of acne prone, young skin. Combining all-natural micro-peeling action with mildness for skin tolerability, this precise treatment is easily absorbed to deliver healing and reparative agents that target problem areas. A selection of gentle but effective keratolytic ingredients like Mucor Miehei extract and alpha and beta hydroxy acids ensure skin smoothing and reduce surface and pore bacteria to expedite skin clearing. The inclusion of Vitamin E accelerates healing and skin recovery while minimising the symptoms of irritation that normally accompany inflammatory acneic conditions. Packaged in a convenient travel-size tube, Blemish-B-Gone’s applicator allows pre-teens and teens to easily apply any time of day or as soon as an eruption occurs. Recommended for blemished and blemish-prone skin types.